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All about medical education in Canada

All Canadian medical systems, including medical education, are regulated by the Canadian Medical Council. This organization, that issues licenses for medical practice.

The licensing requirements are very high and involve the compliance of the specialist with certain standards. As a result, Canadian and international specialists, after completing the university course and internship, must take the CMC exams to register with the Canadians Medicals Registry. Only in this case, can you count on obtaining a license and finding a job in your specialty.

Another feature of Canadian education in the medical field is a fairly long training period with several stages. First you must study at the university for 4 years. In this case, the ideal option will be the specialty of Nursing. Here, it is interesting to note that a nurse in Canada has a higher social and professional status than nurses in post-Soviet countries who do not graduate from universities. Then you should get experience in practical activities, not less than 2 years. Only after that can one enroll in one of the faculties of medicine (medical school), which are complete medical schools of the universities.